Monday, December 30, 2013

Do you Believe in Soul Mates?

Let's be honest I think my soul mate is the international man of mystery.  He's part everything and he's lived everywhere.  The question is does he exist?  Do soul mates exist?  Do you think there is one person for you, and that person is connected to your very soul?  I do and I don't.

The reason I do is because I once thought a guy was my soul mate. It was an unrequited love kind of situation, meaning that I never got to be with the dude.  In my head for some reason though, he seemed to fit.

And that's the reason I don't believe there is only one soul mate for one person.  Because that would mean I'm not with my soul mate and that's sad.  I really truly believe there is someone else out there who will make me feel like I'm coming home.  

I mean the problem with the theory that there is one soul mate is that your soul mate could be in Egypt and be speaking another language altogether, and you could never meet.  All the while you are dreaming of a soul mate when the person you are with in Idaho is actually the person that is meant for you.

I don't think we should necessarily throw everything away in search of the ideal person that completes us. Different people will complete us in different ways.  And maybe soul mates take a lot of work, maybe you can make someone your soul mate by working hard at loving each other, I mean the notion that your soul is connected to another soul could be true of anyone.   Maybe I could connect with anyone's soul if I really tried.  I don't know about this preordained fate stuff.  I believe your soul connects with the souls that will give it the most important experiences the soul needs on this earth in order to thrive.  

The problem with the idea of soul mates is that the notion that our souls are separate from each other.  I sincerely believe we are all one entity, that we are connected.  That we are one.  In some way or another everyone is your soul mate.  However there are still people that we seem more connected to for some ethereal reason, some eternal thing.

I believe that souls travel together, in like groups, and if you meet someone in that group, they may be one of your soul mates.

Where, pray tell, do I get my theories from?  Some of it is from new age thinking, the idea that souls travel together is not something new that I made up.  The notion is in Eastern philosophy.

I have a couple friends that I think may be soul mates.  I have a couple relatives that I feel the same way about.

There are people you meet and right away you feel at home with them, I believe they are somehow involved in your soul's journey.  Every soul you encounter is involved in this journey through space and time, but certain people's soul's seem similar and familiar to you.

I mean I have met people and thought I may have known them in a past life.  But just like my past in this life, it may have created who I am, but it is not who I am.  I have no memory of past lives, or who was in them.  I know right now, and right now I'm single and looking for someone to compliment me, not complete me.  I'm complete.

It would be lovely if I met an individual who I felt was a part of my innermost soul.  It would be lovely if I met a guy who appreciates my soul.  

No one is going to complete my soul.  But someone may touch it.     

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