Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Sound of Car Music...

So I'm at the mall, a three story mall, Somerset Mall in Troy, Michigan. I'm leaving through the parking lot in a hurry because I'm meeting someone for lunch.  So I get out to the parking lot and discover that I can't remember where my car is.  Or can I?  

I swear I parked not too far away from the door.  So I start pressing the lock button on my remote for my car and I hear it.  It sounds vaguely far away.  I walk around in circles three times trying to follow this sound, but I can't find my car and I swear I parked here. Then the sound mysteriously disappears.  Where did it go, where am I?

We've all had moments like these where we are dumb founded by how dumb we are.  

I'm about to give up and call someone to pick me up, when it dawns on me that I parked on the third floor and I'm on the second floor. Those car lock sounds I was following like a fool were coming from one floor above.  

I was madly following the sound of my car.  The sound of that music from one floor above.  I'm was relieved when I discovered what was going on, but annoyed.  I wasn't even late but I have this thing about being obsessively on time.  

I guess the point of this story is I got really upset and it felt like someone was playing a joke on me when I heard the sounds of my car but couldn't see it.  

Do you ever have those moments where you think the universe is playing these odd jokes on you.  I mean if I was watching myself on a T.V. show mysteriously following the sound of my beeping car, I might think it was funny. 

It's a remotely funny story.  It drove me MAD!  There was actual sweat on my brow when I finally got to my car and it's like thirty degrees outside.

This would have been a good moment for me to laugh at myself and laugh at the universe for making things a little odd and interesting.  Why are these moments so much better after they are over?

I should appreciate the small little happenings as they come.  I shouldn't be mad.  I should be glad.  Glad that I have the luxury to spend money on make-up at an expensive mall.  Glad that if I called a friend they would have picked me up.  Glad that I have a car to actually lose.  

But really I should be glad that I'm lucky enough to notice that I should be glad.  I got to stop being mad at the moment, the moment is mine.  The moment is yours.