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Phenomenal People Interview: John Turski

I met John Turski many years ago at a Christmas party.  We became fast friends and one year we had a complete heart to heart and discovered we had many things in common.  His spiritual sense and wonder are two of those things.  He is a Medium and a Spiritual Liaison.

If I asked you a simple question like “Who are you?” what would you say?

I’m just another version of you…I don’t know…you are whatever expression you choose to be, our expression is all we really are…what the hell am I trying to say…I am the divine expression of myself.   

Explain what you do for a living?

I’m a medium.  I’m the middleman between our conscious self and our unconscious self where our spirit resides.  The people who see me are often parents who have lost children. 

I help people in developing the deepest parts of themselves.  I don’t like to use the word ‘Psychic.’ I don’t like to use that term because the connotation is that you can predict the future—I don’t think that’s not possible but I don’t choose to go into that territory.  I am empowering you to create the life that you choose to have---if I tell you something is going to happen you will create that. 

Do I speak to the dead?  Yes and no.  Yes I can connect with loved ones who have departed.  But it’s more that I am connecting with a Higher intelligence.  What I really do is show up in the office and sit in the chair.  I sit: they talk.  Loved ones, guides or energy. 

Do we all have guides?  We all do have something.  The word guide is a way to personalize and put a name and face on it.  We are all guided by something.  But even the word ‘guide’ limits what you can really receive, there is something higher that comes into me and I am the expression of that. 

I like to call myself a Spiritual Liaison:  But I have settled more on the term ‘Medium.’  I can’t describe what I do; you are going to have to experience it. 

Give me an example of how you have helped someone?

I can’t, when I’m in a session I’m speaking words that are not mine, I forget everything that happens in a reading.  And that is a good thing.  In my session you are getting to bear witness to the expression of yourself.  Loads of people need permission to be themselves.  Permission to move forward. 

This work is awakening bold expression of their nature and being.  It’s hard for me to wrap my own mind around it…if we really could understand it; it wouldn’t be godly. 

Can you prove to me that you are a medium or psychic? 

Come on in.  I don’t feel like I have to defend myself or prove to anybody anything.  I don’t really stand on that side of the fence that hasn’t been too much of a battle for me.

How did you learn this technique or is it a natural gift? 

A little bit of both.  I have learned or put a frame of reference around what was so natural.  I had to get with the program or go crazy.  I was doing readings for people when I was nine years old.  I was always playing around with tarot cards.

Remember the Eighties, Cleo, when I saw her on T.V. part of me was kind of like that was a possibility.  If there was anybody I would want to be it was someone who could tap into the unknown.  I would always be laying out tarot cards and reading people.

In my work I am remembering what I’ve done before not learning something …we are all surfing on the same wave of potential: alignment—when you are being yourself and truly you are the full expression of yourself. 

So when you see someone on the street strutting their stuff out of the box, being themselves and confidant, you see some of yourself.  Witnessing someone being themselves: a little bit of yourself, a little bit of you wakes up.  Do you know how hard it is to be yourself?

I think to myself for example:  Here’s a transvestite who got a sex change and they are the happiest in their life-regardless of what we believe: they get to be.  This life is their new game.  Full expression of yourself.   All you have to be is witnessed by others, you don’t need to be as hands on as you think!

How do you manage your life with all the ghosts, spirits, and premonitions?

Pretty well.  I don’t manage it, it manages me.  We don’t become divine; the divine becomes us.  I owned it.  I received it, which is a journey on itself.  My motto is just Show Up.  I sit they talk. 

Do you think that practice makes it better?

The more you show up, even at your worst is somebody else’s best.  I am in a world that can’t be gauged or measured it just is what it is.  More alignment with frequency all day long---divine light—hang out in an energy, bask in the light—however you want to put it. 

How I see life is different—When I’m in my space I see more light from the trees. I see people how they should be seen. 

Spiritual bliss?  It’s always here—I may have a rough morning it may have taken me a little bit to come alive but spiritual bliss--- I think of the hippie offering love--- it is a deep sense of contentment---nothing has changed not obstacles and cannot be defined.  It doesn’t’ matter what you are talking about you receive your frequency.  When people come to see me they come out and say what did we talk about?  It's like a time warp---sometimes it is their first realization ‘I wasn’t in the world for a little bit.’ 

For those who do not believe in mediums, what would you have to say to them?

I wouldn’t say anything to them— I feel bad for them not because they don’t believe in what I do.  You have little belief in something more than yourself. You are a very scared person.  I don’t need you to believe in me.  I don’t have to prove or stand up to what I believe, they have never given it try.  Come into a session open minded and openhearted.

What do you think happens after death?

I think the return of innocence, the return of our source nature.  We wake and we know ourselves in our fullness. What we really are is expressionless, formless, nameless, cannot be destroyed, can’t be created, we are limitless. 

Do you believe in reincarnation?

I have to believe I don’t have just one chance at this.  If I just had one chance it wouldn’t be fair.  If you are going to believe in eternity—one lifetime in this doesn’t make sense. 

Heaven?  When we leave here there is only one way out and that’s up.  When we first leave our bodies we experience the inner expressions of how we see ourselves.  You are going to experience everything inside of you, then we all finally dwell in that same place.  In spirit we have free will.  When we are spirit we know what we are who we are and what we serve.  Oneness: space. 

If you do believe in reincarnation, then how is it that dead people talk to you?

Define passed, take out the idea of time past and future, your thoughts and everything we occupied is inspired by time.  There is only the space of now, the moment.  When you die you leave your body and you are out of your mind ego.  You are out of the idea of time, all of this is happening together now—all that ever existed comes together in one experience one moment.  All dimension all converge in this moment. 

The dead have never left…they are still here.  They are still experiencing us.  Being in a human body, the only way we get to experience is through our five senses---we tell ourselves it can’t be real and true, it can’t exist.  I show people the new way of relating with their loved ones.  Alignment---that which we all are.

Do you know what I’m thinking right now?

I can’t tell me form you sometimes.   Recently I would have said I want to know about nina…I would want to connect and become nina… But now I’m more grounded.  I’m never going to be anything or know anything that you don’t know.  I may have expressed it differently than you do.  Can I read your thoughts?  Yeah I could.  I play the numbers game with my friends when I’m hanging out.  I can guess the numbers they are thinking.

Why don’t I win the lottery?  Anytime you do this gift for greed you will lose the gift. If you are focused on money you are not focused on source. 

Manifesting?  It’s like what I call a California version of spirituality.  Attracting abundance money and things, I think you can manifest things but why are you doing it---you gain a sense of power---gain but loss…It’s an L.A. West Coast version. 

What is meditation to you?

Remembering where you came from.  I don’t do it as much as I used to, I feel now I am in a constant flux or flow.  I use meditation if I need to calm myself or get deeper.  Xanax or meditation.  I don’t have to be in mediation all day everyday.  Meditation creates openness where you get to receive a whole new creation— higher levels of inspiration and creativity.

What is the goal of your spiritual path?

I don’t know…why do we have to put a goal…the goal is to keep going.  I want to make people feel a little more brighter and inspired.   It’s not about you anymore.  We are here to serve others, serve yourself by serving others. Be transcendent. There is one moment.  We are one with everything.  When we manifest people, helping them, you feel core layers of you.  

Why would someone want to come to you?

Usually something in you just moves you to just come. A lot of people tell me, ‘I don’t know why I’m here, I just knew I had to show up’…experience the greater the gifts in themselves.  They can become a part of something greater…I am nothing unusual or gifted…The only difference between me and others is that I pity the fool and I’ll be damned if anyone gets in my way. Usually people leave me with an opening to a deeper sense of themselves.  Knowing themselves in this expression.  

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