Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Should we ban my blog?

Apparently there are people in like Germany and The Philippines who have viewed my blog.  I don't know how this happened, I have been blessed.  I even have one reader in The Netherlands.  They say that reading something someone wrote is like reading someone's subconscious. Like if you read history from a particular author, you are partially reading their mind.  I kid you not, I just checked my audience stats and someone is currently reading my mind in China. 

It's a beautiful thing.

But my mind.  Is it really that beautiful?  Or is it rather strange?

I wonder how many Sikhs around the world are reading this.

I don't remember if I've told you this, but I'm a Sikh.  Sikhi is my religion. I generally speaking, am not "religious"  I like to think that I am spiritual, but there is nothing in the Sikh scriptures that I disagree with.  There are things in the "religious code" and community that I do disagree with.  But I'll get into that later.

I get this feeling that many Sikhs may not like what I have to say.  I'm a little vulgar.  My views on Sikhism are not traditional.  I believe there is a connection between things like Spirituality and Sexuality. I mean it's in the oldest Hindu texts.  I haven't read the Kama Sutra but I think I should.

But let me be clear, Sikhism is not Hinduism.  It is a totally separate and totally unique religion.

So maybe I'm not a "True Sikh." But I don't believe in such judgmental labels.  If I think I'm a Sikh, I'm a Sikh.  I do cut my hair, I do drink, I do many things that are banned by the Sikh community.

I'm practicing being nonchalant if I get the Sikh version of a Fatwa if I ever do end up selling a book or two.  I don't expect anyone to care enough about me to ban me from existence, but if some nut or other thinks that I should totally die for my sins, well I guarantee that will make me a superstar.  "Satanic Verses" by Salman Rushdie is a terrible book.  However it will always be remembered as the book that caused international controversy.  Everyone loves a good controversy. 

I have no intention of causing controversy for the sake of controversy.  Nor am I seeking some kind of unwarranted attention.  I simply have a viewpoint about things that happens to be a little unorthodox at times. 

Along with the unmentionable things like the connection between erotica and enlightenment, I generally have a very blasphemous way of practicing Sikhi.  Sikhs believe that music is one of the ways to god, which we call Waheguru.  Not just any music, they don't generally believe that you can reach Nirvana by singing Bon Jovi songs.

I however, do.

I really do, I'm not even kidding.  (After all we are "Livin' on a prayer.").

I think it doesn't matter what the music is, if you are thinking about God then how can it matter when everything is God?  Even Satan is a part of God.  I mean I'm not saying you should try and listen to your Bon Jovi record backwards and worship the Devil, I'm just saying that if you are singing love songs, then how does it matter if they are gangster rap or beautifully written hymns.

I mean if you are talkin' about bitches and ho's than I see your point, but I'm talking about like regular shit you can legally play on the radio.  Or even music that has no lyrics, I believe it is the only universal language. You can appreciate music without having an education of any sort.  You can be of any caste or class.  (By the way Sikhism banned the caste system in India hundreds of years ago, when it wasn't popular to do so).

It's a great religion.  But truthfully I'm not really a fan of "religions."  That word has so many weird meanings and connotations. It's like the word God.  By the way, the word Waheguru, means Wonderful Guru, I think. Correct me if I'm wrong please, I don't want to be wrong about that.  It's also used as a breathing technique while meditating. Wa-He-Gu-Ru.  You are supposed to repeat or remember God in our religion in order to achieve salvation.

Remember your true identity is part of God.

They say that Sikhi is not a religion, it's a way of life.  I would agree with that.  There are many ways of life, Devil Worship is one of them.  But I'm gonna go with god on this one.  Just in case.

No, it is a lot more than that for me.  Don't get me wrong, I have so much respect for atheists.  Atheists question the very idea of a question.  The dead comedian George Carlin once said something like, when asked whether Churches should get tax breaks, "I am all for assisting the Mentally Insane.  Because if you think there is a guy up there who's judging and punishing you but he's all good, and he might send you to Hell if you're bad, you're Insane."

Maybe because I have been insane, I have very weird ways of expressing my spirituality.  I think there are all kinds of meditation.  In Sikhism they say you should work with your hands and remember god with your mind. In Buddhism there is like walking meditation and maybe even talking meditation.  If there is such a thing, I am totally enlightened at this point. But seriously, talking about the universe and it's oneness could be considered a form of mediation.

We do we have so many boundaries?  Why do we make so many rules?      

Maybe, just maybe, God is a lot cooler and chilled out than us.  Maybe She thinks that if we open our minds and try and fit god into all parts of our life then we're good.  I remember I went to Sikh camp as a kid once and the leader of the camp said, jokingly but seriously, when you are on the toilet sing to yourself, "Chardikala, bai, chadikala!" I think Chardikala means spiritual joy.

I mean I don't mean to be disrespectful, believe me I don't need any more bad karma in my life, but god did create shit.  Maybe he created it so we could see the rainbow above it in the sky and know that it was different, like you don't know it's dark until you see light.

Enough of my philosophizing.  If I have offended you, I don't apologize.  I'm allowed to have my opinion. I'm allowed to try and mold young impressionable minds with my bullshit.  This is my creation.

Please do, by the way, ban this blog.  I would like all the publicity that I can get.


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  1. I love the straightforwardness of your blog and the free-spirited nature of it.

    I find myself at conflict with orthodox and normative Sikhi all the time. For example I find it hilarious that "Sikhs" have an issue with "bad words." When you mention that Guru Granth Sahib is filled with "bad words" like "haramkhor," "loon harami" the other person has no response, and instead ignore your statement...I remember saying to a friend once, that just once in my life if I could do Kirtan for the life of me, I would love to be at an AKJ Samagam and do AKJ Kirtan to Jap Ji Sahib...and when it comes to "asankh chor haramkhor," go nuts like they do =)