Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Gender Roles

It seems like almost every post I have done in the past few days has been about sex in some manner. 

Well here I go again....

There is a new study posted on about how men and women are changing their roles since more women are becoming successful in college and in the workplace.  There are apparently more women in college then men and more women earning a lot of money right away in jobs.

Apparently this has all made the sex game very interesting.  According to this study, even though women are more successful men are getting more sex and giving less commitment. 

It seems to me that this points to the fact that women will never win. 

We can again be smarter and faster, but again some form of male aggression has to take over.

In this case it seems that men are taking advantage of the availability of sex, educated women are less traditional and "giving it up" more easily however the men are not giving any form of commitment.

They say that this doesn't mean that successful women are not getting married, they are.  It's just when they are in the dating game, they are not always getting what they want.  It seems that women are competing for men, when it was the opposite not too long ago.

It seems like women are never given a break and we are never given the ability to 'have it all.'

So what is success if being successful means that women are having a harder time with relationships?  Relationships are the most important thing to most women, all types of relationships, we are beings that focus on our relationships with other people. 

The one relationship with a man is one of the most important out of these relationships that women value. 

I think it is rather barbaric that men who feel inadequate because a woman is more successful then them will use sex to take out that feeling of inadequacy.  The men are getting as much sex as they can supposedly and not giving women the kind of quality relationships they are looking for. 

Again we have a shift in power, but the power of sex seems to be very strong still.  It seems like women will always get the short end of the stick in life.

This makes me sad.


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