Friday, January 21, 2011


So I found out about a good friend's pregnancy via a Facebook wall post.  I was not delighted.  I was a little hurt that she hadn't personally told me.

What is personally these days? A text? An email? A Facebook wall post?

I personally don't understand text messages.  It seems like your sending someone a telegram, but we don't send telegrams anymore.

I mean I think it's bad enough that we tell each other important things on the phone instead of in person.  Things about divorce and having babies-and when we say it over a text I feel like it loses all its personal touch.

However most people will tell you it's the most convenient thing.

Convenience means everything to people these days.  Convenience trumps personalization.  It trumps almost anything.

And yet do you remember when you didn't have a cell phone?  People couldn't get a hold of you for hours, even days.

I remember the good old days - in college - my parents wouldn't talk to me for like a week at a time.  Now if they can't get a hold of me in five minutes, they panic.

We are constantly trying to be freer, right?  I mean ideally, as Americans.  Are we really freer if every second of the day someone can get a hold of us?  People can even put a GPS thing on your cell phone without your knowing.  They can know where you are at all times without you even knowing.

What kind of life are we leaning towards?

Maybe we were a lot happier when things were less accessible, when things were simpler.  When you could walk around anywhere and no one could find you...


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