Friday, January 28, 2011

Dreams as Reality

Now most of us dismiss dreams as just dreams, fairy tales so to speak.  They are neither here no there and if they mean anything at all, they are about our subconscious desires.

But what if dreams are some sort of reality?  Maybe a parallel reality than the reality we know, but reality none the less.  There is a theory that I read in the Huffington Post by Robert Lanza that is really convoluted and confusing, so I won't even try to break it down, but this is what I got out of it:  If we think it, it is real.

We think dreams.

Since our reality that we have in 'real time' is so much about our perception and the way we experience things that the reality we have in dreams is much the same.

We have no idea that dreams are not occurring on some spiritual plane of existence that we have no idea about.  I believe there are dimensions out there that are way beyond our understanding.

However, that doesn't explain why dreams are so weird.  I mean I have this re-occurring dream that I go back to high school after grad school and I pretend to be sixteen again and I nearly fail out of high school this time.

What's interesting is that the same friends I had in high school are there with me, and there is no explanation of that in the dream.  In fact I wonder how this could be in the dream itself.

It's just that dreams point to the fact that we are weirdos.  Our subconscious or whatever you want to call it is illogical and strange.

Like I had a dream last night and one minute I'm getting chased by people who want to re-sell my furniture to the Salvation Army and the next minute I'm drowning in a pool full of really well built men.  What the hell does that mean, and why?  Why?  Why?

Why would I think such crazy thoughts that have no logic or basis to them?  Why is everything everywhere?  But, why is there small details like the color of the carpet?  Who drew in all the details?

Did you see Inception?  That is truly interesting film about dreams.

In that film people could enter each other's dreams and influence their thoughts.  The idea in the movie doesn't seem that far from reality.  They also point to a life in dreams that exists in time, that you are living in a dream for a certain amount of time.  I don't remember the ratio, but like 5 hours in human time would be equivalent to like 30 hours in dream time or something along those lines.  I don't even know if I got that right at all, but the notion is that the time you spend dreaming FEELS like a lifetime.

I mean you can experience like a year in one dream, and you probably have.  Does that year feel like a year while you are dreaming it?  Sure it does because dreams feel real.

Some say that reality is just a feeling after all.

But most of us want reality to be much more predictable.  We want it to make sense.  However, does our reality make more sense than dreams?

If you turn on the television, a replica of reality and surf through the channels you will find that it is just as weird as your dreams.  On the one hand you will find Jerry Springer with two lesbian mothers who entrap a father into donating his sperm and than they all fight like cats and dogs on the screen.  Then you switch the channel and there are protests in the Middle East, these protesters are using Facebook and Twitter to get thousands of people rallied up to protest their governments.  Then switch the channel one more time and you will see two people intertwined in a bed saying smooth talking cliche's to one another as they pretend to make love, this would be your soap opera.

Our reality may be just as twisted and 'unreal' as our dreams.

So the next time you dismiss your dreams as silly and inconsequential, remember that your life may be the same.


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