Saturday, January 29, 2011

Shaving: To do or not to do?

Can you believe it, Monique shaved her legs?

It's kind of crazy when you think about it, that we shave or legs in the first place.  I mean god keeps giving us hair, and even when we try to get rid of it, it grows back.  It's not like your arm or leg grows back if you cut it off.  There might be something special about hair.

Or maybe not.  

Maybe hair is just there on our legs and arms for no reason at all.  In some religions, like Sikhism, hair is considered sacred.  They say that there are vibrations that are felt in the hair follicles while doing meditation that make our spiritual experience even greater.

Or for some it is an identity thing.  Some Sikhs wear long hair to show that they are Sikhs.

But most of us in the western world want to get rid of all hair in almost every part of our body.  

We want to essentially look like something we don't naturally look like.  We want to look manufactured, like dolls.  

I am also guilty of this behavior as well.  I just wonder sometimes, if it is worth it to be so concerned about looking like something man-made.  

And it is because of men.  I read somewhere that what turns off men the most is unwanted and 'unsightly' hair on a woman's body.  

On the one hand I understand that it is actually natural to want to be attractive to men, but on the other hand I feel like we have become slaves to what men want.  

So where do we draw the line and what do we do?  I think we do what we want to do.  If you don't want to shave, then I think, more power to you.  If you do want to get rid of some of the hair on your body, than that's your choice.

However, you should not be made to feel bad whatever way you choose.

Now back to Monique, she was taunted in the tabloids about her choice not to shave her legs.  She seems though a strong enough woman that these type of things would not bother her.  I think it just felt right to her to shave her legs at this moment and she went with it.

We should all be so bold as to do whatever we want when we want.  


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  1. yo it's not so easy for men, either. some men shave their face, pits, pubes, some don't. My face hair isn't quite thick enough to grow a beard or mustache, so i shave it all to 5 o'clock shadow. I trim my pubes pretty short and my pits like 1/2 inch so i can scratch down there and put deodorant on my pits better. appreciate your female struggle and perspective, though. it seems like i might b the only commenter on your blog cause i saw your post on HRO seemed pretty chill. will comment again in the future lol ;) see ya!