Tuesday, April 8, 2014

If Men Could Menstruate...

I have something to say to all the men out there:  I can be sexist too but I'm a work in progress.  Just be a work in progress you don't need to be perfect.  Like today, I was trying to post something on a website run by women for women and for the life of me it would not work, I thought to myself, well, no wonder women are doing the tech work for this.  

Excuse me:  WHAT?  All my years of feminist thought, feminist training, out the door in one thought.  What is wrong with me?

I'm human, and even after all this training, I am still programmed to think that men are smarter than women.  It's sick.  I want to throw up.  My feminist sisters are gonna hate me when they read this.  I slipped.

Also I have a woman doctor and I kinda hate her.  So I decided to look for a new doctor and I am only searching for a male doctor...I mean am I blaming her incompetence on her being a woman?  I hope not.  I think I just want to try something new, but hmmm...(She did in fact ask me why my iron was so low.  If I knew that they would pay me the big bucks).

Things that make you go hmmm...

I wonder if there are many men reading this, if I do in fact appeal to men's psychology.  I rant and hem and haw.  I basically bitch quite a bit.  

I mean I think men like sports blogs and blogs about the news or pornographic blogs.  I don't know about this day in the life of Nina biz whiz.  I want to be like Carrie Bradshaw, literally, I want to live in New York and hang with my girls and write about my life.

What female fun, what girly talk...
  I don't think this here blog is girl talk necessarily or even girly really.  I mean I don't know, if you are a guy, can you relate to this babble wabble?

I'm currently waiting for Hilary Clinton to change your perception of women, men.  I'm waiting for her to change my hidden perceptions that I might still have.  Actually I'm waiting for the Bloggess to take office...check her out...

I know that Obama changed my parents mind about black men...they respect black men more because of his rise.  Little African American boys may look at Obama and say, hey if he can do that, I can do this.  

When Hilary is president I want to say to myself:  I can do this.  And when Oprah is president, I'll do it.

I don't want to be president one day, but I do want to be fabulous one day.  Like a mover and a shaker.  I want to open up a school of some sort, maybe a college, I don't know. And I want to start a spiritual center that is a community, an inspiration of what society should look like and be like.  Not a commune, but a community.

I got dreams.  Big dreams.

Watcho dream? Everybody got a dream!

I do want to feminize the world a bit.  What does that mean?  It means I want to create a space where feminine qualities are respected just as much as masculine qualities are. 

I'm a little girly I'll admit that.  I'm more womanly than anything else.  The world needs a little bit more of a woman's touch to it.

I mean we are not all perfect when it comes to feminisms.  I judged this one guy I met who is too sensitive, and I wanted to tell him to man up.  I suspected he might be gay.  

He's just a super sensitive guy who probably needs to not let people take advantage of him, but his traits are neither feminine nor masculine, gay or straight.  He just is.  They just are.

There is a guy who is kinda stalking me on Facebook right now, I should probably block him but I feel bad because he seems like a nice guy who is misguided.  And I have a very public account, I will be friends with anyone on Facebook in order to publicize my blog.  

I should be strong about the situation and block him.  I need to woman up!

Listen men, we are not going to consider you gay if you are good to us.  Nor are we going to consider you as weak. 

There is this essay that was written many years ago by Gloria Steinem, a glorious feminist. It's called, "If Men Could Menstruate."  Check it out, it is hilarious and true.    

Truth is, men.  It's time to move over.  Women have sat by long enough.  There is a clip of Designing Women that I'm too lazy to find, but the main character does this whole bit about how men have for ages been the rapists, the pillagers, the murderers etc., etc.  It's kinda true.

I'm not sayin there ain't crazy chics out there.  I'm just sayin there are statistically more men who commit crimes then women.  It's just a fact.

Does that mean men are bad and women are good?  We are all adults here, we are not that stupid.  We all know it's not that simple. 

Women don't need to be worshipped and then abused when they don't live up to your ideal.  Women just need to be respected.

But I guess men want the same thing.  Maybe some of them wouldn't act like idiots if women gave them more respect.

So if you are man and you are reading this, good for you.  You go on with your bad self.  You are actually interested in what a woman thinks, and you are currently not watching Internet porn.  



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