Friday, April 11, 2014

Beautiful Faces Who Cares in this World?

You know when I was growing up there were a few girls that I was truly jealous of, I mean they were flat out gorgeous.  They were my friends in fact, I'm not gonna name names, but I hope you know who you are.

Then there were older women that I would see that just blew me away with their beauty.  I mean it was incredible. 

Of course, more importantly than that there were guys who I had an absolute crush on.  I used to 'fall in love' with these crushes.  My first 'boyfriend' was in eigth grade. He was hot.  I had just become a woman then and was a little chubby before that but lost the extra twenty pounds I was carrying.  I was kinda hot.

I later in highschool saw my first boy working at Burger King.  We made eye contact and it was weird. 

I wanted to be pretty like Julia Roberts then.  I didn't understand that Julia's charm was her personality mixed with her looks.  She was a firecracker back in the day.  She's still good, but she was amazing back then.  She was like 21 in Pretty Woman. 

Oh to be so young!

Ahh, being middle aged ain't that bad.  It's got it's perks.  Wisdom and all that.

My first kiss, it was so embarrassing and horrible, it scarred me.  I was afraid to kiss after that. I didn't like kissing until I got into college.  I was kinda a late bloomer like that.  I had friends who were definately not late bloomers.  I didn't care.

I also had some friends who didn't bloom until later.  Ahh, who cares?

Did you know there is a human Ken, like as in Barbie and Ken? He's really scary looking.  

Beautiful faces, who cares in this world?  When girl loves a boy and a boy, loves a girl...

That's my song I got the lyrics wrong for La Isla Bonita from Madonna.  Madonna, people, she is the ultimate woman.

I mean I am woman hear me roar.

I mean nowadays, well, we got Lady Gaga and Katie Perry with The Eye of the Tiger!

These women are pretty but it is their personality and talent that has gotten them where they are.  A pretty face will only get you so far.  A good body will only get you so far.

I mean let's go back to the basics, look at Oprah.  She's not a supermodel or a beauty queen.  But boy is she beautiful.  This overweight black woman from the hood is making the biggest impact the world has ever seen.  Amazing. 

So what really matters in this world?

It's kinda interesting when you take a look at it.  

I'm Nina of Troy.  Can I make of difference?

Sure why not?  So could you, you know.  Whatever your name is.

You don't have to have like money or beauty to really do something.  You gotta have brains.  I think everyone has got a brain.  I didn't say education.  I said a brain.  

I'm overly educated and underemployed.  So trust me education is great, but it's not everything.

If you have experience, which you do because you lived, that's all that is required to succeed.  Just like I think everyone can write, I think everyone can be somebody. 

You don't have to save the world.

Save a stranger.

Save a friend.

Save yourself.

That is success.


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