Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Meaning of Nothing

So sometimes I think I should do something with this audience that I have, which is by no means giant.  I don't know, like maybe an experiment or a poll.  Perhaps I should call people to action.  Maybe do something profound.   

But I don't know about all that. I want to do something with this life, but what is it that I want to do? Someone once told me they liked my blog because it showed that anyone can say or do anything.  Alright, there's a message I can get behind.

Be yourself.

What else do I want to say?  How about this?  I'm tired, tired of being someone who is not good enough for her own self.  It's not about you, or you, it's about not being good enough for myself.  What would make me good enough?

Maybe if I had a purpose.  Chitter chattering on the Internet, is that a purpose?  Maybe I should have been a doctor like my parents wanted me to be a hundred years ago.  Doctors have such a clear purpose.  I suppose teaching has a purpose, but somehow it's not enough for me.  

I want to do something real.  Something monumental.  You know, like Gandhi.  

What's my revolution about?  

I could be a rebel without a cause.  I could be like Seinfeld who did a show about nothing.

A revolution about nothing.  


What does that even mean?

You know I want to open a spiritual community one day, a commune even.  What are we all going to sit in a circle and say to each other?  Kumbaya.  

Ain't nothin wrong with some Kumbaya.  

Let's sit in a circle and be with ourselves.  Let's be real, for once.  

Nothing is not really about nothing.

What is it about then?  It's about that space, the space between words, the space between thoughts.  The space between us.  We are all here to learn how to navigate that space.  How to be with it.  How to be it.  

In fact we are really space, our souls are in space.  Some people believe we don't have a soul inside us, but in fact we are inside a soul.  It's a big space around us.  Our aura. 

It looks like nothing, it feels like nothing.  It is everything.

And nothing, both at the same time.  

I am nothing and everything both at the same time.  

What does it mean when I say I'm everything?  It means I'm connected to the source of all things.  

Is this weird.  All this talk?

Little bit huh? 

Nothing is weird and so is everything. 

This conversation is weird.  I'm gonna stop now because I'm starting to feel an out of body experience.  

It feels like nothing, it is everything. 

Alright already, I will stop with all that.

I've got nothing more to say...


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