Friday, November 21, 2014

Mr. Huxtable, "Let the record show..."

So I've been put up to speed about what is happening around the globe since I have been paying attention to the news and such things again.  I may have been better off when I was ignoring it all.

I mean c'mon peeps, collectively what are we doing?  What exactly is going on?

Let's talk about Bill Cosby for a minute.  The American dream is officially over when we find out he is a creepster.  He was like my psuedo dad on T.V.  First it was Pa from Little House on the Prairie, then it was Mr. Huxtable. 

Well apparently my actual (wonderful) father trumps them all.  Perhaps T.V. is not the place to look for an ideal man, but come on, like more than a dozen women said Cosby raped them.  What is that about anyways?

My mother thinks Cosby is innocent, she likes to believe in the good in people.  I disagree.  What would Phylicia Rahsad say?  I always wanted to be like her, Mrs. Huxtable.  "Let the record show..." she would say like the bad ass lawyer that she played.  

Let the record show that that was when I wanted to be a lawyer.  That's when I thought The Cosby Show was one big happy family.  That's when I was innocent and thought being a lawyer was like being on L.A. Law.  That was before I knew it was all pretend.  

I didn't know then that there were creepy men out there that would haunt me for the rest of my life.  I remember in high school, I had a teacher who for all intensive purpose's sexually harassed me.  He was funny like Cosby, everyone liked him.  I wasn't the only one he harassed, but back then when I was fifteen I didn't know it was a crime.  I didn't understand that what he was doing was wrong.  In fact as a silent protest to him I stopped talking to him. I'm not kidding when I say that he was giving me a higher grade than I deserved until I stopped responding to him.

We all have our ways of protesting in this world.  Some are quiet, some are loud.  Either way, speak out.  If you are a woman, the chances of you being sexually violated in some way are so high that I want to say it's like there is no chance it won't happen.  If you are a guy, don't think you can get away with it.   

I mean if Mr. Huxtable was a sicko, what does that say about your average dude?  Not all men are sick, but there are enough of them out there that you will encounter at least one sicko in your lifetime, probably several. 

I have a relative who is a creepy man.  You probably have one in your family too.  The lengths to which people will protect this creep are intolerable.  

People have been protecting Bill Cosby all this time.  C'mon someone knew.  Although it is sometimes difficult to recognize a perverted man, they usually walk around with some known features.  

Trust your instincts.  The relative that I'm speaking about is like a Cosby type of character.  He is witty and charming, a family man. 

There are Bill Cosbys all around us.  They represent some dream, they seem so good.  They are so bad.

We live in a society that tells women to watch out for these men.  However we are silent towards the men.  I'm tired of telling women to be careful, I want to tell men to be careful.  In this day and age, you will be found out.  

I am protecting my relative right now by not outing him because I'm worried about legal consequences.  However, those around him know.  It's no secret.  I made sure of that.  

Maybe it's not a tragedy that Bill Cosby is finally being punished for stuff he did years ago.  Maybe it's a lesson for us all that what we put out in the universe will come back and bite us in the ass at some point.  Whether or not you believe in karma, know this: the universe is tracking your actions.  And for every action there is a reaction.  

I don't have to go back to Troy High and sue the teacher that made me question my own self...I trust and believe that the universe will take care of my unfinished business.  

The message to women is clear: be weary of weird guys.  However the message to men should also be clear: we are not going to take this shit anymore.  

Patriarchy is not over, but what is over is the myth that women will remain silent. 


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