Friday, November 28, 2014

Me as a Machine:

What are you doing right now? If you are anything like me you are flipping through T.V. channels, Pandora stations and websites as if these things closed for the holiday and you need some kind of fix.  

I have a problem, I can't do only one thing at a time...I'm writing this blog...I'm watching a show and my fingers are busy but I want to do something with my toes. You know like those people who can do stuff with their toes. Why have toes if you can't use them? The dad from Family Ties is on this show I'm watching.  It's not Family Ties though.    

Remember when you just watched a show or drove a car without wanting to check your phone at every commercial or red light?

Remember when you could remember what show you were watching or where you were driving? This new show Suits is on, it didn't exactly have me at hello...

My butt bone is hurting, it's a new pain, probably from sitting all night. Now I changed the show to a show from England, they actually showed a pretty woman without makeup on, only the British.  I'm on as well.    

Nothing can satisfy me, I'm a machine.  Now I'm watching a show that is from Denmark.  That's what you do when you have Netflix. The Netflix was a gift to my friend because I could never figure out what to buy her.  So I have the password and I watch it too.  Was it really a gift to me?  Do you want the password? Maybe I should just give out the password and everyone should watch Netflix while I only pay, what is it, 7.99 a month?  Read my blog and you can stream mediocre European shows too.      

Oh this is a problem, apparently the show I'm watching is in Dutch, don't call me ignorant but what do they speak in Denmark? This is ruining my do three things at once game because ain't nobody got time for subtitles.  Oh I think I found a good movie, a movie that could make me put down my phone... It's called "Call me Crazy." Yeah I know, call me what you seems good.  I'm putting my phone away...alright I'm back...that was a little too crazy, even for my taste.  

I'm going to put on traditional T.V. David Letterman can usually pack a punch.  Or Jimmy Fallon, whoever is not on commercial. You know I was going to do ads on this blog, but I haven't really put in the effort.  Would you be bothered with ads, would that offend you?  Yes, I'd be making money but so little it would be funny.  

This is what I have become.  Hungry for entertainment and mildly hyped up with too much Diet Coke in the evening.  What's a girl to do?  Well apparently John Stewart is on the Colbert Report.  Or I'm dreaming.  It's getting late.  

I'm going up and down my Facebook feed like it's my job.  I can't find anything that catches my eye.  I'm really spending a lot of time doing nothing.  I could be reading or writing or you know not writing this, but writing the next great American novel.

Not this drivel.  Drivel is a word?  

Life is beautiful and I'm on the Internet, losing my mind.  

There has to be more to life than this. In fact there is.  I sleep with my mac book in my bed, instead of a man.  Yes it's true.  

I'm yearning for a better existence.  

I remember not having the Internet.  I wasn't that young.  I did other things with my time.  I probably lived better.  There was a time in college when I didn't have cable TV, I had a bad antenna, there was no Internet and I didn't have a computer.  I had conversations...I read books.  I listened to CD's.  I went on dates with guys instead of chatting with online profiles.    

There was one CD in particular, when I couldn't sleep I would put on: Silsila. Songs from an Indian movie from the eighties on my little boom box.  My roommate would sometimes join me in the middle of the night and we would sing to the beautiful songs.  Now we would probably watch Youtube videos of other beautiful people singing the songs.    

I think I wrote more then when I didn't have all these toys.

I used to write with a pen in a journal.

I think I wrote pretty badly then as well.

But at least I did something. 

I did something besides wait for life to post itself in the form of a link or a sticker or a saying.   I didn't wait for someone to tell me how to live life...I just did it the best I could.   

So stop reading this and do something more with your life...this too shall pass...


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