Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Supreme Mistake by the Court


The Supreme Court just made a supreme mistake:  They decided employers don't have to pay for birth control.

I personally find this outrageous, deplorable, sick and wrong.  I can bet this would not be happening if science would take the time to invent a birth control pill for men.   

"They" are doing it again.  They are going into women's bodies and telling us what we can do with them according to their religious beliefs.  Do you know what kind of strange religious beliefs different people have in this country?  If we start to federally honor all the religions beliefs we will be in trouble.

Did THEY ever consider THEY might be mixing church and state?  My religion doesn't tell me that I can't use birth control, so why do I have to follow your religion?    

But it doesn't really matter what "other" religions believe, there seems to be only one religion that is honored in this country:  Christianity.  Most Christians I know use birth control.  In fact except for the Doogan's or whatever who have a reality show because they have twenty children, everyone uses birth control.  Does the court have any idea what kind of problems this country would have if we didn't use birth control?

How dare they impose their puritanical beliefs on to me?  Forget me, I'm relatively rich, what about people who cannot afford to pay for their birth control?

So what you are saying is you would rather not pay for my birth control and risk you having to pay for an abortion or an unwanted child?  Hmmm...

Wow that is immensely stupid.  Extremely dumb.  


I mean I don't even take birth control because I have a wild sex life, I take it for medical reasons, and I'm not alone, millions of women are on birth control to regulate their cycle etc.  You won't pay for that but you will pay for Viagra?  In fact most insurances do cover all the pills that help men keep it up.  Those same insurances will not allow women to protect themselves from pregnancy!!!!!!!!!!

I'M SO MAD!!!!

Some things are so simply outrageous that it is absurd to the point of being unreal.  This is one of those things.

I don't think this is a sign that the world is ending, I think it is a sign that America is ending.  How are we still America, the land of the free, when we can't get a pill that could possibly prevent us from overpopulating the Earth that is by the way so overpopulated that we are claiming there is not enough food?

But in America we are not overpopulated are we?  Instead, one American person takes up like so many resources and money and goddamn things that it is not even fair to the rest of the world.  Americans are sucking the world dry by existing, and we want to stop those that could help this.  Those that want to make the choice to not bring people into the world that cannot be taken care of.  We enjoy our status as a first world country, but without birth control we could easily turn into a third world country.  Overpopulation leads to poverty which leads to massive social and political problems. 

And another thing, are we pretending like people don't have sex here?  I mean as far as I know everyone is doing it, everyone but me.  Are you trying to stop people from having sex?  Funny that Clarence Thomas, the man accused of sexual harassment was one of the people who voted to not give out birth control.  I'm I the only one who finds that interesting? 


The only problem is, this is not a novel.  This is people's lives we are talking about.  People who don't have a lot of money will choose food over birth control and get pregnant and then who will feed their child?  You and me baby.    

This is the kind of stuff that makes me want to spit in the face of our "democracy."  Let's call it what it is, it's a hierarchy.  It's a bureaucracy.  It's so goddamn corrupt that I want to throw up.

I know I'm ranting at this point, but I got to call it like I see it.

You've probably heard that Hillary Clinton is running for president.  We are going to possibly have a woman president but some women may not have access to birth control?  For goddsakes if Monica Lewinski didn't have birth control, Hillary might be raising Bill's love child.  In fact several of Bill's love children...I hate to be so tabloid dramatic, but it's true.

When Oprah's president this will all be cleared up.  You laugh, but let's see who has the last word...  

I used to have respect for the Supreme Court.  I used to honor it.  

They ruined that.  They are just another run of the mill political, religious and bureaucratic mess.  There is nothing special about them except that they have power. 

They are abusing their power.

Fuck them.


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  1. I live in Canada where we have public healthcare. It does not cover prescription drugs though, we have to buy insurance for that and they have to cover all prescription drugs. A good employer will provide insurance coverage but won't have any say in what they cover. You guys have a strange system.