Friday, September 4, 2009


So you want something to do this weekend that’s different than barbequing or lying out at the beach. Here’s a couple of suggestions for entertainment:

Book Review: The Forty-Year Old Version; Humiors of a Divorced Dad by Joel Schwartzberg:

This one’s for the boys. However, women should read this if they want to understand their men better. It’s a very witty, well written account of what it’s like to be a divorced father. Have you ever heard of postpartum depression in men? Did you know that it’s just as hard to be a father as it is to be a mother?

I didn’t know that. This book is not just for divorced dads, dads, or even just men thinking of having children. I think this is an excellent book for women to read in order to understand men, fathers, and how we women can overshadow them at times.

If you ever wondered why some men run away from their families, this book gives you insight into the men that stay. Schwartzberg shows us how it’s hard but fun and beautiful. “My children have faced the same breakfast choices since they were old enough to chew: frozen waffles, cereal, and toast. It’s their version of death and taxes.”

This memoir is very funny at times, and at times very moving. It also makes you think. It will inspire the reader to reconnect with their children or just appreciate life as a parent. Five Stars.

Film Review: Ocean of Pearls by Sarab Singh Neelam:

This is a beautiful account and coming of age story of a young Sikh doctor. It’s a love story and a story about the Sikh religion, culture clash, discrimination, and generational conflict. I cried at one point, don’t want to give it all away but it is definitely worth seeing.

I don’t know that much about acting except that I grew up watching television, so I think that makes me an expert when I say the cast is brilliant. Especially the main character. My brother in law is in the film, which was exciting for me. So are other members of the Michigan Sikh community.

As a writer I was paying attention to the script which was beautiful, charming and moving. The cast was also very nice, random people like the dead woman from Desperate Housewives made a cameo appearance.

If you want to know what it’s like to be a Sikh man living in America, see this film. Thumbs Up.

Friday’s Report Card:


Stopped drinking Coke Zero. I lost weight!!! Bought a whole bunch of healthy groceries, including salad stuff and stuff to cook. Worked out four days, can do better. Ate a few chocolate things here and there, have to cut that out. Don’t drink enough water either.


Did not send out enough resumes, SHAME ON ME. Visited blogs and tried to promote blog, good for me, however can do better and more marketing. Nurturing job contact, hopefully it will come through.


Realized that my self worth must not come from my accomplishments but from my heart. Sounds very cheesy but it‘s true.

So have a good long weekend. Go on vacation or staycation, or just sleep in a little more. Go swimming, read and have a good time. I will. I’m not going anywhere but still plan on having a good time. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Thanks again for reading.


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  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog!!! I feel your pain, I had to cut off chocolate completely ()cold turkey), for I have to avoit the first bite... Changed it for cashew nuts (or I'd go completely treats abstinent)

    Adam (