Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

So today is the day to honor those who can do what I cannot do: Hard Labor.  So this one’s for the construction workers, the garbage men, the gardeners, and the plant workers. 
But what about the women and children sold into slavery in other countries?  Should we send them a gift?  Will that make it alright?  See they don’t get a day off.  I don’t even know if they get a couple hours off.
Not to belabor the point but does the way we celebrate even make any sense?  We have barbeques or go to the beach on some tropical island. 
So how do we honor them?  I don’t know.  Maybe by trying to figure out a way to stop all this madness.  Maybe by designating this as the true craziness.
Labor can be a satisfying thing, so I’m told.  Those who have worked with their hands their entire life will tell you that.  But I can’t imagine that slave labor is satisfying and not torturous and wrong.
Slavery is illegal in America you say, so why should I care?
Because we live in a world, not just a country.  Because if you happen to go on VACATION to some remote part of the Earth, break the law by like spitting or something, you could end up in SLAVE LABOR for the rest of your life.
Sorry to be so depressing and ranting, but come one.  In this day and age, when we all know its happening, why aren’t we doing something to stop it.
What are we gonna do?  I don’t know bring it to Obama’s attention.  Join the One organization.  Listen to Angelina Jolie….I don’t know.  Send a letter to Oprah.  We all know she rules the world. 
I do know that I’m scared.  Scared to death of not living my cushiony life.  Scared to death that chains could be put around my feet.   There is a saying that goes something like this: If there is one man in chains, none of us are free.
So should we celebrate on Labor Day?  I think we should always celebrate something.  But we can’t forget.  Forget where our tennis shoes came from and our pretty rugs. 
I love pretty things, embroidered shirts, pillows, shoes.  I look at where these things are made and I buy them anyways.  Knowing full well that in China and Indonesia and India etc. there are very few laws about how beauty is created. 
They are artists you know, kids who make carpets, women who sew beautiful tops and skirts.  So next time you see something beautiful, turn it upside down and see where it’s made.  Most likely not in the USA.  Most likely by some kid or woman in a remote village.
I still buy that shit.  In fact most of my clothes are made in other countries.  But I’m a hypocrite and should practice what I preach.
So who is to blame?  Me?  Nike?  The guy who kidnaps the people to do the work?  Who owns him?  I don’t know, I just thought I’d bring it to your attention. 
So go to that picnic or the beach or the barbeque and have few laughs.  Just don’t forget why you have a day off.  Don’t forget that there are those who don’t get a day off, a minute off, a second off.
To be “on” all the time is torture.  My back hurts from typing on my bed.  I can’t imagine if I had to lift heavy things all day.  I think I would die. 
Sorry to be so preachy but there are times when it is necessary to think about what’s going on in the world besides what we are shown on TV.  It’s time that someone stopped this madness.


  1. Very moving and thought-provoking, and you're absolutely right. Thanks for your anger on the subject. More people should be angry. There should be cries of outrage from every civilized nation on the planet. Our silence does not speak well of us. - Jayne

  2. hi nina,

    i think what you say is true. people in other parts of the world are exploited. often eye-ball to eye-ball by people in their own country. or worse, their parents.

    years ago, i saw the ceo of nike on 60 minutes, and he said they had tried to run a nike factory in the US and it did not work. if i remember correctly, his words were that americans do not want to make shoes.

    part of the problem you address is that people just do not want to work. i was just watching Glenn Beck and he had a studio group of small business owners. And he asked them if they wanted more legal immagrants.

    they all wanted more legal immigrants because they want to work. and they will work.

    in addition to working regular jobs, we own a small business. the small business is rentals. i have paid someone to do something, had then not do it. and then get a day worker to do it. and have the person that i paid to do something who did not do it, read me the riot act about hiring someone who was probobly illegal to do something.

    many things are timely, at a certain point, after trying to get people to do something and have them not come because they "not feel well," or just not do it, or just not show up, etc...

    point being the jobs go overseas, or the illegals get the work because americans can be lazy, whinning workers.

    one of the things that you can do, and i can do, is that when we have a job, do our job well and not have the Generation X attitude that we will do things on our own terms.