Saturday, March 29, 2014

Thank You for Being a Friend...

So picture this:  Oprah and Gail mixed in with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake.  What do you get?  You get me and my BFF's sitting around philosophizing in hilarious but useful ways that could solve the world's problems with a spiritual twist.

I mean me and my friends think we need to be the new writers for Saturday Night Live and that we need our own radio show that could rival Oprah.  Of course I say radio because I've always had a face for radio.  

The three things that me and my buddies love to do are:

A) Psycho-analyze the living shit out of each other

B) Solve the world's problems

C) Allow hilarity and wit to ensue

Let me tackle A first, we like to sit around being each other's therapists, talking about our fears and emotions and relationships until we are blue in the face.  I'm speaking of me and my women friends of course, this is what girls like to do best and we are proud of our psycho-anlalytical abilities.  Dr. Phil could take advice from a group of serious women breakin' it down.  

B, we sit around and find simple ways that world peace could actually occur...this one's a little more difficult to explain but all I can say we are all one and love is all you need.  We are hippies at heart and want peace on earth.  You may say we are dreamers, but we are not the only ones.  

C, now this is where it gets fun.  Hilarity can ensue during A or B or both, and hilarity can just ensue on it's own.  I have laughed so hard with my besties that I have literally stopped breathing and thought I was having a heart attack.  I mean this shit is for real.  It is off the hook...I think I'm funny I think my friends are funnier.  

Let's face it the all of the above mentioned is what friends are for.

Some of the most important relationships in my life have been my friendships.  Very recently, a couple of my closest friends had an intervention with me.  They sat me down, looked me in the face and told me what was up.  They were straight with me, they love me, they told me to get it together.  I was kinda losing my shit so to speak and sinking into a depression. 

They were not nice and they were not mean, they were real.  

One of my friends was a friend of mine from a hundred years ago and another is a friend I recently reconnected with a year ago.  The friend from a hundred years ago knows all my parts, my insecurities and my failings.  She also knows my strengths and qualities as well.  Surprisingly my new friend knows different aspects of all those things.  

Surprisingly as well the true love of friends can transform you, as these two did, in one sitting.  They scared the shit out of me, they hugged me while I cried.  

See friends are just like family, just as important as significant others.  And your real friends will tell it to you like it is. 

A true friend does not worry about you liking them, they know you love them, but they know you need to hear the truth.

They told me the truth:  That I'm worth their love.  That I'm worth my own love.  That I am loved.

See I got sick some years ago and lost some friends because I lost my sense of reality, I had a manic episode and hurt some people very badly. When you lose a good friend, you understand more how important friendship really is.  

I still feel guilty to this day that I lost my mind and a friend, both at the same time.  But I truly believe certain people come into our lives for a certain amount of time so we can experience something with them and then sometimes you have to go your separate ways.  But it's hard.

But I still got my girls...      

I mean picture it:  2044---I'm sitting on the dock of the bay, by the fire, with my third cat and three best buddies.  There are three friends of mine that I went to high school with that I always picture I will become the Golden Girls with one day.  I imagine we will live in the same house and drive each other nuts.  Hilarity will ensue.  And the theme song from Golden Girls will instantaneously play in the background whenever we start laughing so hard our guts hurts. 

The song goes something like this:  "Thank you for being a friend."     

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