Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Princess Complex

I prefer Princess. I would love to be known as a diva later on in life when I've had far more experiences.

My mother calls me Queen Elizabeth when she's mad at me, "Oh thank you for joining us, Queen Elizabeth," she will declare.  I like to think of myself more as a Princess Diana.  And she has not clarified if she is talking about Queen Elizabeth I or II.  Big difference: huge.

Like a decade ago I was working somewhere and a guy used to tell me I reminded him of Alicia Silverstone.  Clueless. Something about how I flipped  my hair.    

I'm not sure how I feel about all these nicknames.  Nina Kaur literally translates into Princess Nina, which I'm fine with. However I'm not so fine with being designated as a queeny clueless bitch.  

My mother doesn't mean any harm. Just like when I call her Mata Shree, and I have no idea what Mata Shree means.  

The truth is I want to be known as a princess until I'm old enough to be called a diva.  I know I'm not that young, and I may just be fabulous enough to be called a diva now, but I like to dream that I'm still a princess.

Why? Well first of all princesses get all the princes.  Second of all princesses are forever young. 

Am I really and truly a princess, I wonder? I mean it's really not that great of a title. It means you are heavily entitled. I mean sure, I have more clothes than god. More shoes than Mariah Carey. I like to dress up. 

If I'm truly a princess, than I should be a good one. I should be more like Diana and do community service or something. I have too much. Some of my friends are princesses as well, if you are reading this you might be a princess. 

Or a prince, let's not be sexist. I think that maybe if you are thriving in an upper-middle class or above economic level, you might want to think about how entitled you are. 

Not that there is anything wrong with having things. Not having things for yourself is not going to give anyone in the third world anything. However, you know, caring and sharing.

Why did we love Princess Diana so much? Because she was like Cinderella, she had a hard life. I like to think I'm a princess who has had some hardships. And she gave back.

I don't know what I have to give back, but I intend to give back something at some point. Is that good enough? It's going to have to be. 

nina kaur

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