Saturday, July 2, 2011

You...the Readers

Something monumental happened in my tiny blog world yesterday... a phenomenal site named, Blogher featured my blog post about gay marriage on their website's Life section   I got almost 900 hits and counting, that means that almost 900  people read my work.  I'm so excited I want to jump up and down.  

So I would like to take a moment to contemplate my readers, since I'm still fascinated that I have any.  From the statistics that blogger shows me, I have consistent readers from facebook, which are people I know, which is really awesome because my friends are supporting my work.

Secondly, I have posted my blog on this incredible website called from which I actually get a huge chunk of my readers.  And then, to my amazement, there are people from like twenty different countries, like Iran and the Ukraine that  have somehow gravitated to this blog.  So if you are reading this blog from abroad, I am especially thankful that you would take the time to read this...I mean I should say I'm just as thankful for those of you in the United States....I'm just very thankful.

So I'm gonna try and broaden my horizons and get more readers.  The most important thing is that I'm saying something you want to hear.

One of the fun things to look at on blogger is the various search words people have used to end up on my site.  One of them was:

"new hot pockets "annoying waitress" commercial. is it on tv?"

I think we should take a moment to think about that....OK, then there was, 'Thirtysomething sexy' or try this
one, "Am looking for myself, have tried yoga."  I'm particularly proud of this one since I'm looking for myself
and I have tried yoga. 

Anyways, I dream of keeping the attention of all who stumble upon here...yet I know that some will be lost, I 
can't like reach everyone.  

So what I'm I gonna do to lure more readers in?  Be profound perhaps, and witty but most of all just be myself.  I'm just here to exchange ideas, to find questions as opposed to answers, to find what feels right to me, to you.  

It can be weird sometimes, as a writer, to reveal so much about yourself.  You sometimes feel naked.  But that comes with the territory.  If I can be naked with a lover I can be naked with you.  Sometimes its even easier to be emotionally naked than physically naked.    

It's almost funny to me that you would follow the thoughts of a slightly neurotic, day-dreaming fool like myself.  I mean I have so many flaws, I eat too much, I take too many pills, I procrastinate and I'm not very good with money.

But I try to be sensitive to the world around me, I try to listen to people, and I try to make myself a better person.  I think it's important that we all have this goal to just be better, no matter how good we are.  

This is blog is a journal about how I come to real self-realization.  I hope you dig it as much as I dig writing it.


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